Check out the 2016 DSTV decoder prices in Uganda

DSTV Explora

After the recent slashing of DSTV subscription prices, many people have considered two options, either retain their DTSV service and for the new entrants have also considered on joining the bandwagon. Now that you can now buy DSTV decoders online via UgDuuka and in every major super market with out any hustle, PayTV has been made more accessible in Uganda.

Below are the 2016 DSTV decoder prices in Uganda.

DStv Explora Complete Kit

For UGX 344,750, you can get your self a complete set of the popular DSTV Explora package. The package that comes with:

  1.         The Explora Decoder
  2.         SATCR (Satellite Channel Router)
  3.         Remote Control
  4.         90cm Dish
  5.         50m Cable
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This is exclusive of any subscription bouquet. With the DSTV’s new Explora Decoder, you can record up to 220 hours of your favorite TV shows. It comes with a variety Movie blockbusters from BoxOffice and DStv CatchUp. The package includes a new DStv remote with one button access to the DSTV central menu. The DSTV’s new Explora Decoder allows you to plan your TV schedule, manage your recordings with the new and improved search function

DStv Explora Decoder

You can also get the Explora decoder for UGX 232,750 without the rest of the goodies of a complete set above. At that price, you only get the Explora Decoder and a  Remote Control. This assumes you are switching from another provider to DSTV and you already have a compatible satellite dish. After complete installation and subscription you will get all the benefits of the Explora decoder explained previously.

HD Decoder Complete Kit (with 1 month Compact subscription)

dstv-hd-decorderFor a little as UGX 108, 000 you can get a single View HD (High Definition) Decoder which includes the following:

  1.         Single View HD Decoder
  2.         Remote Control
  3.         90cm Dish
  4.         20m Cable
  5.         Single LNB

This price includes 1 month free compact subscription. In terms of features, the Single View HD Decoder (DStv HD Decoder) is HD capable and is capable of Dolby Digital 5.1 capable sound. The decoder has a revamped new user interface (all the screens and menus you use when watching TV). It also has great search features (making it easy for you to find something to watch), plus an 8-day TV Guide and more.

A full list of HD decoder features includes

  1. View 1 channel at a time (no PVR functionality)
  2. HD capable (720p and 1080i)
  3. Content Discovery (including multiple search options)
  4. 8 Day TV Guide and Reminders
  5. Parental Control features
  6. Dolby Digital 5.1 Capable
  7. XtraView Capable (compatible with selected XtraView decoders)
  8. Widescreen Capable
  9. Hearing Impaired Subtitles (when available)
  10. User Friendly HD Menus

It should be noted that HD channels are not available all packages only. HD viewing only available when the decoder is connected to a HD TV via HDMI.

To enjoy the XtraView you would need an extra monthly fee in order to access it.