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We keep reviewing apps and games that are available on the Google play store, but when our readers follow the link to download the apps we recommend, they greeted with the “this app is not compatible to your device ” error. Well, its not your phone, in most cases it is Google blocking you from accessing some apps, as the app developers restrict their use geographically. Well today, we want to make this history and help everyone unlock the Google Play store to geographically restricted apps like Spotify, or the new and hot Augmented Reality Pokémon Go Game among others that are currently only available on US based play store.

The solution is actually not as complex, all you need to do is to change your location via your Google payments account and give Google a new address, but there is a prerequisite. You must have a US based address (these are readily available on online and Google is your friend). So let us show you how to change your Ugandan based Google PlayStore to a US based Store to unlock your Google Play Store potential.

  1. Within your phone or desktop browser, you must be logged into your Google account
  2. Go to
  3. Click the Settings gear iconSettingsType and save the US based address you desire.
Change Google Play Store location new
Change Google Play Store location


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To check if this has worked, go to the Google PlayStore and you will see some new options Like Music Books and Newsstand as shown below. Once you see these new options you are good to go. Also, you can also that your Google Play Store app on your phone is in Sync. Restart your Android phone and you must be sorted.

Google play Store

The new unlocked options with a new Google PlayStore

Those who are super cautious would like to first turn on your VPN app pointing to a US based server.