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UCC cracks down on illegal “Bizindaalo” broadcasters in Kampala

This week the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has been busy. Together with NEMA's environmental protection Unit and the Uganda Police the telecom regulator is cracking down on notorious noise polluters and illegal broadcasters in Kampala and surrounding suburbs.

UCC sets new policy for radio frequency spectrum management in Uganda

The primary law of the Communications Sector is the Uganda Communications Act 2013, which established Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) as the regulator in the sector. Section 5(1)(c) of the

This is what MTN, Smart and Africell Uganda customers are getting...

We just started Valentines week and With the D-day just hours away, all telecom companies have come out to offer something special for the lovers out there. MTN, Smart Telecom and Africell Uganda have crafted some offers for their subscribers. There has

MTN Uganda dismisses over 100 employees

Uganda's biggest telecom company MTN has dismissed 109 employees especially the long serving old guards in a move that was seen as away to

Vodafone JUMP is a new educational e-platform for the youth (Video)

Today Vodafone Uganda has launched Vodafone jump, a content based website targeted for the youth called JUMP. JUMP is a social e-learning hub that provides free educational

Smart Telecom could be the presumptive leader in Uganda’s Telecom space...

Arguably Smart Telecom has the most compelling services any Telecom company has in Uganda. Its enticing offers will outright make you not miss Warid Telecom since they almost play the same cards. Smart caters for the price cautious Ugandan with attractive voice and data packages. Did I forget Mobile Money? While this is not fronted in every corner of the country, Smart telecom barely eats at the same table with the likes of MTN and Airtel