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You will soon be able to filter your WhatsApp photos Instagram...

Good news has arrived for Android users who are big fans of Instagram filters. In the WhatsApp Beta version 2.17.297, a number of filters have been added so you can dress up your photos a bit more easily. This feature has already arrived on iOS. Here's

Vivo Energy Uganda cuts Shell gas prices

Vivo Energy Uganda has reduced prices of Shell Gas in order to make cooking gas affordable and improve the uptake of Shell Gas users in Uganda, according to the company. There has been a UGX 20,000 reduction on the Gas 6kg cylinder, commonly

DSTV Uganda faces social media backlash over airing ‘adult’ content on...

If there is one reason why you shouldn't let the TV raise your kids, this would be one of them. Yesterday, Ugandans took to twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook to criticize the PayTv provider for airing animated kids content

UberDOST could be that app to drive you out of unemployment

We all know Uber as a ride hailing service enabling riders to connect with drivers and deliver them to their destinations.  The service has expanded its services beyond rides and we once predicted its UberEATS service to make its way to Uganda but we guess that hasn’t come into fruition

A new Ugandan budget airline: Vule Airways to start operations this...

Amidst the tricky Airline business that has several new start-ups and several international carriers in the region, a new airline called Vule Airways will launch its maiden flights this November based in Kampala. Vule is positioning itself as a budget airline giving affordable

This is yet another smartphone you might never get to hold

It feels like every time you turn around the corner a new smartphone hits the market, and today electronics maker Sharp has a new one to show off. We've written before, this seems to be the future of smartphone design, Samsung's S8, Apple's upcoming iPhone 8, the Essential phone and, the latest kid on the block is: the Aquos S2.