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Yakako is a Ugandan service that will allow anyone to borrow...

Yakako is a singular verb meaning “You shine” in the local Luganda dialect. On the other side of the spectrum, it is a Ugandan bred service that will enable pre-paid Umeme Yaka users to be able to borrow more units to power their homes and businesses using mobile money. Extension of the service to Post-Paid Umeme customers is in coming soon mode.

Masikini allows Ugandan shoppers to buy stuff from Amazon and eBay...

Buying and delivery of products from abroad has always proved a one big hurdle to overcome especially here in Uganda. Many have resorted to using friends and family to accomplish such tasks but here comes, an e-commerce website to help Ugandans purchase products from abroad

Nokia is officially coming to the smartphone game in 2017 but...

The company announced a new partnership of licensing its brand and intellectual property to the newly created HMD Global to re-enter the smartphone business riding along Android.

Roke Telkom unveils the Roke Mega data bundle

RokeTelkom has this month launched its latest data bundle called “Roke Mega”. The bundle is targeted to small and medium sized businesses

Vodafone introduces new data Add-on bundles

Vodafone has adjusted the pricing of its data plans and introduced new discounted plans dubbed data Add-On bundles, as a way of complementing its existing data offerings that caused quite a

Roke Telkom might move into voice and also offer triple play...

In a recent interview between Roke Telkom’s Chief Operating Officer, James Byaruhanga and The Independent, he hinted about the ISP entering the voice segment of the telecom's space by becoming a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) through leasing excess bandwidth from traditional players