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Airtel refutes claims that it is exiting Africa

Airtel Africa, a leading telecommunications company with operations in 15 countries across Africa, has refuted speculative media reports erroneously stating its possible exit from Africa. The organization has reaffirmed that it remains committed to Africa and will continue to invest in its operations to grow sustainably in Africa.

Yakako is a Ugandan service that will allow anyone to borrow...

Yakako is a singular verb meaning “You shine” in the local Luganda dialect. On the other side of the spectrum, it is a Ugandan bred service that will enable pre-paid Umeme Yaka users to be able to borrow more units to power their homes and businesses using mobile money. Extension of the service to Post-Paid Umeme customers is in coming soon mode.

MTN and MMI Holdings introduce insurance cover for Loading Airtime and...

MTN Uganda, in partnership with aYo, today announced innovative micro-insurance products, Recharge with Care and Send with Care. The two are the first products launched by aYo – a joint venture between MTN and MMI Holdings – announced in September last year. aYo was formulated to have a strong focus on delivering micro-insurance solutions across the African continent.

Mastercard launches the 2Kuze marketplace to digitize East Africa’s Agricultural sector

Payments company Mastercard has today through its Master Lab for Financial Inclusion launched 2Kuze, a digital platform that connects smallholder farmers, agents, buyers and banks in East Africa.

Masikini allows Ugandan shoppers to buy stuff from Amazon and eBay...

Buying and delivery of products from abroad has always proved a one big hurdle to overcome especially here in Uganda. Many have resorted to using friends and family to accomplish such tasks but here comes, an e-commerce website to help Ugandans purchase products from abroad

Not even the Galaxy Note 7 could deter Samsung’s expected earnings

We might have been treated to exploding Galaxy Note 7’s as the year drew to a closure, followed by a global recall of all Note 7 handsets in both consumer hands and retail outlets but it turns out the harm isn’t as painful as anticipated given Samsung has issued its projected earnings for the Q4 that are surprising than predicted.