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Airtel Uganda launches a micro-credit service called Wewole. Here is what...

Airtel Uganda has today launched the Wewole (meaning borrow) service, a micro-credit service using its Airtel Money platform. It will allow Airtel Money users and agents access loan facilities through Airtel Money. Wewole is executed in partnership with Jumo, that describes itself as a marketplace connecting millions of small businesses to a world of financial choices.

Craft Silicon has launched a new Interbank transfer system between Centenary...

An interbank transfer is the movement of funds from a remitter’s account to the beneficiary’s account maintained in a different branch/bank. Craft Silicon, a Kenyan custom software services provider has made this possible by launching a new Interbank Transfer System between Centenary Bank and Finance Trust Bank in the interim with others like Tropical bank, Exim Bank, Housing Finance Bank on the next recruiting list, reports the Daily Monitor.

These are the services you can use with Og Money

Og money, a single, secure digital transaction platform is simplifying and transforming digital transaction across Africa and the Middle East. Ever since its re-branding from Pay-it, and moving from a payment driven to a complete digital financial platform, the Android and IOS based application has seen tremendous growth in its number of subscribers to over 900,000 within just a few years.

Single, secure mobile app for all digital transactions, Og Money launches...

One Global has launched a mobile app today as a single, secure platform for all digital financial services across the Middle East and Africa. The Og Money platform, formerly known as PayIt, already has 900,000 customers across the region.

Payit rebrands to Og Money (One Global Money)

In a letter sent to dearest customers and partners, merchants payments services Payit has since changed names and rebranded to Og Money (One Global Money). Og Money will evolve Payit to a complete digital financial platform reads the letter.

Airtel set to build an Internet fiber network in Western Uganda

We recently drew your attention to Airtel partnering with Facebook and BCS to lay over 800 KM of fiber cables in Uganda and it turns out, a vast majority of those kilometers will be in Western Uganda. According to the Observer, Airtel Africa, the holding company for Airtel Uganda inked a deal with social giant, Facebook to see this project implemented in the Western Parts of Uganda.