Case Closed: Samsung Ordered to pay $ 0.93 billion to Apple

After two years of court sessions and appeals, the Apple vs Samsung patent lawsuit in the US has come to an end. According to the wall street journal, Apple was awarded $930 million in damages, and Samsung’s products that were infringing on the patents were not banned as Apple had requested theĀ  judge.

In 2012 the first verdict was for Apple to receive $1.05 billion for the damages caused by its infringed patents. Shortly after Samsung argued there were some divergences between the numbers the jury awarded Apple this lead to a reduction of the fine to $929.8 million.

Now Apple will not give up, they have now started a new lawsuit against Samsung adding more relevant devices such as the Galaxy S III. Early this year both sides could not reach an agreement out of court, so we expect a another trial starting the end of this month.

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Will Samsung ever learn it’s lesson?