You can now upload photos to your Instagram using a mobile web browser

instagram App signup
Image Credit: MobiPicker

It shouldn’t strike anymore that you can now upload photos to Instagram on your mobile browser. Previously, it was only preserved for native Instagram apps on the respective platforms of Android, iOS and Windows but never before could you do this over the mobile web. Well, it is now possible.

Instagram has gone through a lot of iterations and this latest move puts it on par with its bigger cousin Facebook, which also has a mobile web app reminiscent of the native app condensed into a mobile browser.

As for Instagram’s case, the mobile web app is no different from the native app with the same functionality tray of home, search/explore, upload, notifications and profile icons.

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The only omission would be the stories button and direct messaging. The stories button is now replaced with a discover button. Nonetheless, the app is functional with the ability to upload photos directly from the camera app or from what Instagram calls document that crawls your recents or gallery to get you photos to upload (On Android)

On a sad note, this new app is limited to mobile. This means that only smartphones and tablets can be used to upload photos  while other form factors were not called to the party.

Previously, you could only browse, follow, see notifications and like people’s uploads. Instagram has just added uploading of photos though you will have to forego filters and video uploads on top of the features we listed above like stories and Direct messaging.

In the due course of using the mobile web app, Instagram kept reminding me of using the native app and also provided a direct link to the app store to download it.