Uber rider Kampala

In the past, the only way an Uber passenger was able to know their rating was to ask the driver in confidence to tell them their rating. But with the latest App update, passengers can also see their five star Uber rating directly within the app. After each trip, riders and drivers are given the opportunity to rate one another based on their trip experience.

The use of this rating system is to make sure that the most respectful riders and drivers are using Uber. Just like you rate drivers, drivers can rate riders on scale of 1-5 after each trip. To check out your rating, update to the latest Uber app from your Playstore or app store, check you profile and you will see your rating. Uber can this rating to ban ‘bad’ passengers and drivers a like from using their service.

How the rating is calculated

Your Uber rating is an average of the ratings you’ve received and is measured out of 5 stars. Ratings are anonymous, so neither you nor the driver will ever see an individual rating you have received.

It should be noted that very few have a perfect rating, so don’t be despair if you see if have an average less thanĀ  5.0. Things that seem small to you can matter to your driver for instance I was informed by an Uber driver recently that a driver can give a passenger low rating simply because they use a credit card instead of cash which most Ugandan Uber drivers seem to prefer. So knowing a little moreĀ  about that things that affect a driver’s happiness can help you become a better Uber passenger.