You can now download and watch Netflix movies offline on your Windows device

Netflix offline for windows 10

Late last year, Netflix has offered Android and iOS users the option to download videos to watch later. And today that feature is finally debuting onto the Netflix desktop app with the addition of offline streaming of videos to the Windows 10 PC app.

Just like we saw in the mobile apps, there are also some limitations we saw with the Windows 10 PC app when it comes to downloading content. Offline downloads are only available for what seems like random selection of Netflix’s content (unsurprisingly, most of Netflix’s own original series and films are eligible), but there’s some pretty good stuff available, including Stranger Things and the whole series of Breaking Bad.

The update is currently available to all Windows 10 users through the Windows Store today, if you have automatic background updates expect to have the app already updated. You will be greeted with the “Download & Go” pop-up window with further instructions on how to download your movies on the go.