Every April 18th the world celebrates Earth Day, and Google found it wise to revamp Google Earth for web and Android. The latest version of includes a slew new features that let users see 3D maps of specific locations,curated video content, learn about random places around the world, and take guided tours.

These are some things to try with the new Google Earth, which runs in Chrome on desktop and on Android for mobile users:

View entire world in 3D

3D maps in Google Earth
Accacia Mall in 3D Google Maps

When Google Earth was first introduced, you were able to view certain buildings in 3D, provided you checked off “3D Buildings” in the Layers portion of the app. But in the newest release of Google Earth, you can view, well, the entire world in 3D. For any location searched, a clickable 2D/3D button appears on the lower right-hand corner of the screen, making it easy for users to switch views.

Epic Hunts Caught on Camera

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You can also check out “Epic Hunts Caught on Camera.” Thanks to a partnership with BBC Earth, Google Earth now offers a series of short video clips narrated by Attenborough, which play in YouTube along the right-hand side of the usual Earth view. If chimpanzees or underwater expeditions are more your thing, there’s also content just for you.

Take the helm with Voyager

Voyager in Google Earth
Try out the new Voyager feature

There is a new “Voyage” tab in Google Earth, you can take a virtual tour of the Sese Islands, the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, or any other UNESCO World Heritage sites; and check out the architecture by Zaha Hadid, and global perspectives on the different structures we call “home.”

Feeling lucky?

Ripped right out of its own search engine page, Google has ported its “I’m feeling lucky” button to the new Google Earth, and it’s a glorious way to distract yourself at work or plan your next spontaneous trip.