Campus changes with Orange: Twit and win

Like the slogan goes,today changes with Orange i say campus is going to change with orange. If you are a good social media freak, then you would probably have noticed whats coming your way. Orange Uganda has launched an online social media campaign for campusers (University Students) dubbed the “Orange Campus Twitter challenge”. You all know twitter as that 140 character micro blogging network famous for popularizing the hash-tags,though some other social networks have followed the trend.

Now orange is running this campaign on the social network that sets to engage campusers in a set of activities like answering questions, you win your self freebies like smartphones, modems, t-shirts, airtime and lots of other prizes. All you have to do is to follow Orange Uganda on twitter @OrangeUgandaLtd  stand a chance to win your self one of these fabulous prizes.

The campaign is going to run in all Universities in Uganda and respective students from those Universities are all eligible to participate if they follow the above procedure. Campusers or otherwise university students have been one of the driving forces behind smartphone adoption in Uganda.  And most campusers are on social media so you should always anticipate such questions like are you on Facebook? Are you on whats app? Whats your twitter handle?  And this really answers what i a writting about as the above questions have become a norm that drives interactions amongst campusers. So i see this as a right direction and the campus involvement will be massive. Don’t sit down get online and play, Good luck

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UPDATE: The campaign will start running from November  12 to December 31, 2013.