How to buy a DSTV kit online without hassle

DSTV logo

DSTV is the defacto leader when it comes to Paytv not just in Uganda, but south of the Sahara and has long maintained this position since time immemorial. A few shake ups here and there (Read GTV) have seen it hold firm and its tight exclusivity grip on premium content sees no change for time to come.

However, getting a DSTV kit normally entails one to visit a physical retail shop or DSTV point, agents to buy and get it installed. With the Kit we mean the decoder, satellite dish, wiring, smart cards among other items that come with it.

With the Digital age and advent of e-commerce, the above are soon becoming obsolete and it now only requires you to have a connected device like a smartphone, laptop or tablet to place an order and have it installed at your promises in just under 48 hours.

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DSTV has long had a virtual store called Duuka with Duuka of course meaning shop where you can get its different set of kits and decoders that include the standard HD decoder kit, a decoder alone as well the new Explorer kit. You can access Duuka here and don’t forget that they also have an ongoing bundled promotion of slashed prices, prizes and more this festive season

Once in the DSTV Duuka,  the full price of the Explorer kit is UGX 567,00 and this caters for the decoder, dish kit and smart LNB online. An installation fee of UGX 80,000 is paid on delivery though shipping is free.

For just the Explorer excluding the dish kit, a customer only pays UGX 277,000 and an installation fee UGX 71,000 while the full kit of the HD decoder costs UGX 99,000 and an extra UGX 50,000 as installation.

It should be noted that deliveries and installations are limited to the central region that is Kampala to be specific and the installation fees apply if the customer is within a 20KM radius from place of purchase.

After selecting the desired kit and agreeing to pay the installation fee, the kit is added to a cart, you agree to the terms and conditions and boom, you checkout by submitting your account details. You can create an account by logging in using your Facebook, Google or email accounts. You can as well checkout as a guest where you submit your personal details, residence, ID/passport details among others.