How Bunyoro is coping with the discovery of Natural Resources


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It’s a Friday evening as usual I do my weekend thing were I take days off from the Kampala craziness with hope of getting blessings from ancestors in Bunyoro.

It should be noted that Bunyoro is comprised of districts such as Hoima, Kibale, Kagadi, and Kyenjojo to mention but a few. As I call out this boda-boda man to take me to my final destination, I realize how life has really changed in this great Albertine Region and on the second thought in my broken Runyoro I tell him “Kwaha mbaire nikuramukya” meaning “it’s cool I was just saying hello” in the quest to discover how life has really changed in this area of the Great Kabalega. After the discovery of oil almost 10 years ago (2006) many global companies like Tullow rushed to this region and exploratory and drilling immediately started. According to World Bank, immediately this would make Uganda a middle-income country within 25 years.

With the local people being promised better infrastructure such as roads, hospitals, schools, nearly after a decade, how many of those have been fulfilled ? Only to notice people who have been evicted from their lands, broken families and fairly well poor social life. So let take a break away form technology and discuss the social, political, economic life of people in Bunyoro since the discovery of oil;


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The economic lives of people have greatly improved with people especially involved in agriculture. The general standards of living of people has gone up with the cost of living doubling compared to 10 years ago. People are now more involved in income generating activities compared to how people were so much in production for consumption.

The Albertine Region is now more accessible as new roads have been constructed while the old ones have been renovated meaning that now going to Bunyoro will take a few hours more to that driving at 180km/hr. is a no hustle so you will be there in no time.



Have the people in this region just learnt how to party hard?  I will leave the answer to Radio and Weasel and the rest. It should be noted that this place is fast and steadily becoming a destination place for other tribes like Bakiga, Luo, yes now we have the Hindus and Chinese from India expanding their families to this area.

Life there is becoming increase hard for the married men as their wives are now a target for the rich oil companies employees. Actually men have now resorted to watching their wives 24hours a day making sure no one takes advantage at any moment. Broken families are now very common in this region as families are continuously losing their home steads and land due to the development of infrastructure like roads, schools, hospitals.

Grass thatched houses are still common as the saying goes “Habits die hard” people still find pleasure in sleeping in the ancestral homesteads.


The emergency of resources in the great Bunyoro region was a political game changer in Uganda as we can all see all the leaders of this great nation are within an interest of ensuring that these resources are well managed in the best way possible.

We hope this has been informative as we go through how Bunyoro in transforming with the discovery of Oil and we shall keep you updated of the new developments in the future.

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