Browsing Pakalast Airtel Uganda Unlimited

We’ve always asked Airtel to give its users unlimited internet offerings, not once but twice and today, it seems Airtel Uganda has finally quietly answered its subscribers prayers. Airtel Uganda joins last on the Unlimited data bandwagon that includes; MTN, Smile Telecom and Africell Uganda.

Apart from basic web browsing, with Unlimited data users will be able to stream all the  video they want, at any video quality with Airtel’s wide coverage across Uganda. There are three packages (summarized in table below), you can get the Regular Unlimited bundle at UGX 179,000 or the Super Unlimited bundles that costs UGX 330,000. Both prices match up with Smile Telecom and MTN’s current Unlimited data offering. The third is a Night bundle, that costs UGX 99,000. Please be warned that Fair Usage Policy (FUP) will be applied on the above packages this means expects some throttling when you exceed a certain data limit. (*details about this to be given later).

Package AvailabilityPrice (UGX)Daily AllocationValidity
NightMidnight – 6am99,0003 GB30 Days
RegularAll day, all night179,0001 GB30 Days
SuperAll day, all night330,0003 GB30 Days

How to activate Airtel’s Browsing Pakalast Unlimited Internet

You can switch to the new Browsing Pakalast Unlimited Internet by using airtime from your smartphone or other data device by dialing  *175#OK and follow the prompts, you can also use the Airtel App. Just like

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There is no limit to where you can use Airtel’s Unlimited Internet within Uganda. You can use the service wherever Airtel has internet coverage, off the upcountry 4G LTE, countywide 3G and 2G networks. You are, therefore, able to stay online at home, as you work in your office or in the field, as you travel within Uganda or as you visit your village.

The Unlimited limitations

Those who want to try out the red telecom’s unlimited data offer will have to choose among; the Night, Regular and Super unlimited plans. Airtel has not yet communicated the exact capped speeds but we believe they have capped it to 2 Mbps just like MTN. This means that every unlimited data user on the Airtel network will use speeds between 0 and 2 Mbps at the start of every day for Regular and Super users, and between midnight and 6 AM for the Night bundle subscribers.

Here is where things get interesting. If you opt for the Night data plan, you will be throttled down to 265 kbps when you exceed 3 GB but you will be restored back to the original speeds speeds the following night at mid night. Lost? Worry not, just read ahead.

The Regular and Super unlimited data plans will also start at speeds not exceeding 2 Mbps per day before you are throttled down to 256 kbps when you use more than 1GB for Regular and 3GB for Super as shown in the above table. At 6AM the following day you will go back to using 2 Mbps until you hit your cap. This means in a month, heavy data users will use a minimum of 30 GB and 90 GB for Basic and Premium bundles respectively.

So is this the Unlimited data bundle you’ve been waiting for? As we’ve always said, that most carriers in Uganda reserve the right to take reasonable steps to prevent improper or excessive usage of their networks and that is why we cannot have true unlimited internet in Uganda.  They may amongst other things, limit throughput, and prevent or limit service through specific ports or communication protocols. They also has the right to protect the integrity of their networks.