Broadcom targets $300 phone market with it’s new chipsets

It’s always¬† a dream to get a an entry-level smartphone or cheap USB modem with support for 42 mbps 3G or LTE, most are designed exclusively for the $600 price point devices.¬† Chipset maker Broadcom wants to break the barrier with it’s recently announced M320 and M340 system-on-chip designs, giving a promise that advanced 4G could soon be very affordable.

Within each chip, you will find dual- and quad-core processors with 150Mbps LTE radios, this means handset manufacturers who are interested in targeting the sub-$300 price point with speedy internet access can use their chipsets. The SoC comes already integrated with the latest version of Android 4.4 KitKat, so no need to flambe with software support. We wait to see which OEMs will pick up on these chipsets.