Brands take on social media:The Ugandan way

The social media platforms

People are often confused with what social media or social networking really means and the obvious answer your likely to get when you ask what social networks are would be Facebook and may be Twitter as they are the most used social networks in Uganda not forgetting how often recognized brands use them. I would be so mean if i don’t hint on other social networks to create awareness and let other people know that other social networks exist take for example Reddit,Google +,our own Elite Hives,Ebbz World,foursquare just to mention a few . Every average Ugandan is on Facebook !!!! Its no surprise as the marketing of the social network is everywhere and its “swag” being on Facebook at least to some people while to others it a normal way of connecting with lost friends as well as new ones.

But social media isn’t only Facebook so is Twitter!!!! At least Instagram has tried to pick up and Google Plus is following . But we cannot survive in this competitive world without embracing social media especially brands. With this i am not only talking about corporate companies but also other brands out there especially the Artistes,SMEs,NGOs etc. It surprises me finding brands opening up profiles and you wonder why Facebook introduced its pages ! To my thinking its doesn’t make sense finding  hot brands like our local artistes,thriving businesses with such a large following only managing to run multiple Facebook accounts, with limitations on the number of friends you should have instead of using the Facebook pages.No limitations with likes with pages and it gives a differentiation between brands and ordinary people.

Few verified Ugandan brand accounts

Then there are these wannabe users with fake names of prominent brands and we end up associating with them having in mind we’re on the rightful account of that particular brand.Afterwards the police reports a case involving cyber criminals arising out of such issues.  So we need other words what you would refer to as verified accounts to help us avoid such.Its not a call neither a request but a suggestion. If replied to positively then some of our Artistes will have what to brag about. I first saw this with Twitter and the large user base can tell  where fast-hand information is got with regards to brands. Everyone looking for news,brands,artistes,athletes would first run to Twitter before any other social network because they have verified accounts.So you shouldn’t ask yourself why twitter has such a large following.  Other social networks couldn’t be left out so they followed the trend. The likes of Facebook and Google plus have also introduced that verification sticker. With the exception of brands like Orange Uganda and Airtel Uganda, Coca cola Uganda,MTN Uganda all of which are multinationals, i couldn’t find any Ugandan Brand with a verified social Media Account. That question needs to be answered by whoever is concerned be it the social networks or our brands.

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But the more we shun away from using social media in today’s age, then building outstanding brands will become a dream and won’t see our brands get that mature look and also we shall be left  to embrace outside brands who have made best use of social media.Its no surprise finding our local people aware of international brands than locally grown ones. People can pronounce outside brands very well and can give you this impression that they were born where those brands originate. At least I am really impressed with the governments move of having every government department,ministries and other government organizations on social media. Take for example Bank of Uganda @BOU_Official, Uganda Revenue Authority @URAuganda and other government organizations. But the problem is that we need them verified so are these other accounts of our brands. we should get to know who we are following or about to follow or whether we are following the right accounts. All the feeds we get should be from verified brands not wannabes or impersonators and positively i agree that it will curb this growing vice of cyber crime.

Lets hope our brands shall follow our Kenyan counterparts

The Nigerians are represented, so are the Kenyans and a few African countries. If its the likes or the followers lets just be insane and follow every prominent Ugandan on social media and the service providers get to know that we also need to be represented not forgetting verified. I know attracting a large following is such a big goal to achieve but its business to social networks which is likely to attract many people to their sites while keeping interactions between brands and their fans,users or whatever you may call it satisfied. Twitter really did a good job by making use of Artistes, Athletes, Big brands and every thing that can attract a large following and the results are speaking for themselves.

Back here lets hope our brands shall follow our Kenyan counterparts who at least have got some of their prominent people verified. Its surprising that even our own president hasn’t got his accounts verified. It reflects status having a verified account and how influential you are to society and we have people who fall in that category. Big people on social media let me repeat myself big brands with the right following. Hope next time we shall see those blue stickers on some of their accounts. Thanks for allowing me cry out loud .