Blackberry’s worst nightmare returns; The Famous Keyboard

2013 will go down in history as Blackberry’s year of doom, with an interim CEO who wants to come up with not so new ideas. According to an interview with Bloomberg, the new CEO Mr John Chen declared his personal love for keyboards and apparently wants to spread the love around. He further envisions the company’s future with phones that “predominantly” have physical keyboards, as this is the strategy he wants to use to return to the company’s core audience (assuming they are still alive).

It’s true that before Apple revolutionized the touchscreen in 2007 with the iPhone, Blackberry ‘s Physical keyboards reigned supreme as restive touchscreen technology couldn’t cut it. And now the game has totally changed as physical keyboards on high end phones are no longer the “in thing” and the faster the new CEO realizes it the better for the company.

Were Blackberry’s touchscreen phones the causes of it’s 2013 demise?

The simple answer to the question above is a NO. For a Smartphone ecosystem to survive in this century all you need is developers and their apps. It’s not that simple, but it’s the bitter truth, so even if blackberry returns to the keyboard and they have not sorted out their app issues there will be no drastic change. Blackberry’s touch-only phones didn’t do so well last year (bringing a huge $1 billion loss), and this was not the cause of its problems, Apart from the lack of apps, the UX (user experience) of the new Blackberry phones (Q10, Z10 and Z30) was not the best even with the release of BBM version 10.3 late last year.

More Contradiction

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In the interview, the CEO further reveals that Apple’s largest product manufacturer, Foxconn will take over some of the manufacturing to help produce phones for what Chen calls “developing and emerging markets”. Yes that now speaks to us in those regions. Now here is where I got totally confused,  It’s expected that the first phone to come out of Foxconn will be a touchscreen-only device, if that’s not contradicting tell me what am missing