BlackBerry Phones to access Google Play Store according to images leaked

Good news for Blackberry users, seems you will be able to join the Android realm, as the latest BlackBerry OS build, 10.2.1, could be able to allow the Google Play Store to be installed. This will let Blackberry users download and install Android apps to run on BlackBerry devices–if the four leaked
photos from crack berry some of which shown below are to be believed. We should however not rule out good PhotoShop, but the images are look credible. As long as they represent a genuine near-future reality, BlackBerry users will soon no longer have to side-load Android apps.

The incredibly fingerprint-smudged BlackBerry Z10′s are shown with various screens of the Google Play Store open on the device, apparently ready for the owner to download apps. The innovation would greatly extend app selection to BlackBerry users who don’t know how to or don’t want to side-load Android apps, a workaround process involving the use of another computer and the Android Runtime.

It should however be noted that not all Android apps work on BlackBerry device. The 10.2.1 build affects handsets and the BlackBerry PlayBook. This means the Google Play Store will work on the company’s
flagship tablet as well–again, only if the photos are genuine. Eagle-eyed PhotoShop sleuths can judge the photos for themselves.

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In other BlackBerry 10.2.1 pre-release leak news, the call screen may get a minor makeover and the quick settings will get a user-facing tweak. Instead of swiping up to receive a call, users will swipe from the side.