You might have wondered why over the past week I was so mute! Not that I became the forgiving type but something a little sad happened . One of my daily gizmos–my laptop– finally breathed its last. Apocalypse hit so hard given the unsuspecting events couldn’t allow me finish penning the would be piece for today and it is about time I replaced it. But first, i’ll need your advise, your humble advise.

The Lenovo Flex 15 having endured a not so long stretch of life was last live on Tuesday. With it died memories I cannot exhaust at length. I loved it for its slimness yet not at one time did it compromise on performance, at least according to the tasks I throw at it.

You might be wondering if I am writing an obituary and what not? But actually this honest piece  is indeed about I seeking some pretty advise regarding laptops on the Ugandan market, where readily available ones don’t seem to easily satisfy a certain criteria for the kind  of tasks I would love them to handle. Whereas a few if not many of you always turn to us for such advise, today tables have turned and it’s you to advise.

“I am accustomed to using Windows since time memorial”

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Besides the love for tech that I expose by jotting down articles at Techjaja, I double as a design lead at a design firm and that pretty describes the kind powerhouse I am looking for, besides handling heavy browsing because that on its own is a staple I seem not to do away with.

With it should be a dedicated graphics chip, Ndivia preferably with at least 2gigs of dedicated graphics memory ready to work seamless with computer aided design software like Graphisoft ArchiCAD 19 and AutoCAD Revit 15 and Lumion rendering software. At least that qualifies as a snippet about the kind of powerhorse that can satisfy my mojo.

I must however caution that Macs are out of question (more on that later) so we should only reside on Windows. I am accustomed to using Windows since time memorial and with it comes support for a host of games that can also take advantage of this raw power,something folks at Cupertino haven’t somewhat cracked. The Mac will require me to adhere to a new line of commands and shortcuts, a lesson of its own I am not willing to take for now.

My colleagues recommended Dell’s XPS 13 (in featured image above) though I seem not to agree, it being streamlined towards enterprise folks. It’s time to upgrade to a gaming rig maybe, while not breaking the bank. Your advise would be put to good use. Recommendations are welcome given we lack such product reviews though the team at Techjaja always tries so hard for you to have them.

Don’t leave me at the mercy of salesmen as their only useful help turns out to be selling you the priciest of all, translating to maybe a bigger cut to their side. And you keep wondering if the PC will ever die with folks like I still lingering around? The PC is not yet dead.