Simple and eye catching is one way to summarize the new Techjaja redesign –talk about blowing our own trumpet– we’ve created a master piece with one aim, a design that puts content first. After teasing the redesign for quiet some time now, we’ve got all corners of Techjaja swept clean and painted the house as well in form of Techjaja 5.0. The 5th reincarnation of Uganda’s top tech website since we first launched in 2013. The new version is built around 3 pillars; speed, better content distribution and new look.To celebrate this, the Techjaja Editorial crew will blow up the website with several great ‘stimulating’ posts starting today.

A Fresh look

The same look can be boring, and we know that at here at Techjaja. In the new refresh, we got several inspiration from current website trends, and ensured that even if we’ve made changes underneath, the website still looks and feels familiar to our readers. We’ve maintained and also tweaked some of our fonts and colors to keep things similar and also exciting for our new readers. The challenge was how to balance great design, feel and simplicity and at the same time put our content out there in a more systematic and simple way.

Under the hood several changes have been made to allow Google index the website better in order to improve our SEO. (For better discovery via Google search)

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The Home page has been changed as you now see. Click here to better appreciate the next paragraph before you continue to read any further.

Our smart design engine now ensures you don’t have several duplicate articles on the homepage like we had before. Categories have been revised and we are adding more as we expand in the near future.  You can check out our revised Fused Up section that encompasses all editorial and features content that you’ve come to love at Techjaja.

Content Distribution

We are still more than committed than ever to investigating how technology changes culture in Uganda and the world over for our ever growing mainstream audience. But it feels like we’re just getting started, and really understanding how our audience will find and return to us in a world dominated by platforms, and that gives us an enormous instant-articles-on-techjajaopportunity to take everything we’ve learned over the past there years, refresh and refocus we’ve done today.

Instant Articles for our Facebook readers

Introducing Facebook’s Instant Articles. With over 65% of our traffic coming from the world’s biggest social network, we decided to implement Instant Articles, a feature that has been around since early this year that will allow our readers open up our content on Facebook in a heartbeat. Its lightening fast, those who have not tried it out should do so. Chances are high that you are reading this post in one of our newly implemented Instant Articles if you found this post on Facebook with your mobile device. (It doesn’t work on desktops) It looks beautiful and simple at the same time. No more waiting wait for our favorite posts to load on your phone via Facebook. This feature is now live and our users can enjoy it starting today.

Google AMP on board

We’ve  also implemented Google’s AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages), just like Facebook’s Instant Articles, Google wants to give priority to AMP powered websites that fast experience that cuts through the mess on normal websites. Look out for Techjaja ‘AMPed’ articles in your next google search.

More Speed

We’ve also kept the site responsive for mobile devices and also fast with more tweaks here and there. We didn’t like to leave our desktop and tablet users left out.  In usual Techjaja tradition feel free to Check out our website speedtest below using GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed, and we are still tweaking to ensure you have an even better experience.

GTMetrix Page Speeds
Google Page Speed

One more thing…..


Going back to the basis, the team at Techjaja is committed to bringing you the best of tech content and how technology is infused in our culture. Due to public demand, we are working tirelessly to bring back the much loved Audio Podcasts in a new second series. Most people found them very informative, fun and interactive and that’s what we aim to achieve with our readers. So look out for that very soon.

For those burning up with tech stories, feel free to blog them out on our Youblog section. and chances are high that we shall publish them once they meet our editorial standards.

Do you like the new look? Please leave your comment below.

If you see something buggy or broken links, see a bad ad, or have another comment or concern, we’re here for you: email or tweet @techjaja