Behold the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4 launch

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Today Microsoft has unveiled it’s next generation tablet, the new Surface Pro 4 is thinner and lighter than the Pro 3. Microsoft basically revamped most of the internals–it is 8.4mm thick, with a 12.3-inch display on the same footprint as the Pro 3 with 5 million pixels and 267 ppi. It comes with 1 Terabyte (TB) of storage and 16 GB RAM, talk about raw power. Its 50% faster than the Macbook Air and 30% faster than the Pro 3.

The 12.3 inches is diagonal — but not bigger overall. The new Surface some new tricks up its sleeves and it starts with PixelSense technology. Definately Microsoft is learning from Apple–PixelSense– Brand all the things! It has a 0.4 mm gorilla glass. 1.1m backlight unit, Microsoft Pen and Touch Chipset. It has the G5 chipset by Microsoft. It runs the optical stack.

Surface Pro 4 pens

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50 percent of people using Surface Pro 3… they use a pen.There’s a new Surface Pen which is magnetic, with an eraser on it. It has 1,024 points of pressure. The Surface Pen looks like the Surface Pro 3 pen, but there’s clearly improvements. It’s not rechargable (they didn’t want it to be), but it has 1 year of battery life. It will come in five more colors including a golden one!

Surface Pro 4 type cover


Microsoft also introduced a four USB 3.0, two 4K DisplayPort, ethernet on the new Surface Pro 4 docking station. The docking station also works with Surface Pro 3. There is also a new Type Cover, Microsoft claims its lighter and thinner and “more sturdy.” It has an Integrated backlit keyboard with scissor design and a precision glass trackpad. A GLASS TRACKPAD! The trackpad is 40 percent larger. The surface Pro 4 will start from $899 available Oct October 26th.