Behind the scenes and Highlights from Techjaja Geek Week 2015

Geek week 2015 highlights

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[/blockquote]It seems like just yesterday this amazing week began. Now we waving goodbye to Techjaja Geek Week 2015 , our now-annual tradition where we go haywire and pump up the site and turn the ashes into a playground for the staff. Coincidentally our Geek Week happened to be in the same week as UgBlogWeek and this made it more fun for the team to express themselves on a wider social media platform.

Techjaja Geek Week is a chance for our all our authors to work in teams and come up with indistinguishable mass of weird ideas and come up with tools and “bad-ass” coding skills thanks to our internal CTO, tech geeks especially the girls off side geeks (how we love these gilrs). It’s a week where we challenge everyone to experiment outside their comfort zones, both in terms of writing and presentation, with the not-so-subtle goal being to encourage everyone to be more ambitious with their storytelling the other 51 weeks out of the year. All in all, there were over 22 Geek Week-related experiments this past week, ranging from great engaging content from quizzes to flowchart content, plus you also got to know the Music that pumps up the geeks at Techjaja. Our girls off-side experts have also amazed us this week, not forgetting the Geekweek Jajatoon and a podcast comeback. Behind the scenes; the featured image shows it all, all the fun we had while coming up with these articles as it was full of constant meet ups, Skype calls and chatting over a cup of coffee.

The fun isn’t over, though. You can expect to see more Geek Week-inspired pieces on Techjaja in the weeks and months to come. For now, though, let’s look back at some of our favorites from this past week.

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A big thank-you, as always, to our super talented virtual editorial team and all external contributors for making Techjaja Geek Week 2015  a success.


Check out the highlights of all the Geek Week posts that trended below.

Find out which kind of geek you are

which kind of geek are u1



This is Entebbe International Airport by 2033Entebbe Internationa Airport 2033 Ultimate Plan1

The Civil Aviation authority has a master plan that aims to improve and modernize Entebbe International Airport in tandem with other existing and planned up-country airports to provide better service for passengers, carriers, and users of the airports. The Master plan that was made in 2014, shows a strategic development of civil aviation’s infrastructure focusing on analysis of existing conditions and their capacity to maintain, expand safely.

4 reasons why I gave up on body shaping exercises!

4 reasons why I gave up on body shaping exercisesA friend gave me a workout plan that guaranteed me a flat tummy and a “Kim K” body (figure 8) in a period of 30 days. Each day had different exercises lined up and there was a picture of a lady whose body I’d have by the end of the month. I was very excited since I was going to be “sexy” within such a short period. I drew pictures in my head, me walking, flaunting my body and everyone looking on in envy! Oh, the dreams I had. Two days into my workouts, on top of all the body aches, I read a story of a lady whose butt implants had burst during squats workout in a gym. Although the story turned out to be a hoax, I was left to a lot of thinking. I realized that;


hoima-town-bunyoro-antiqueHow Bunyoro is coping with the discovery of Natural Resources

It’s a Friday evening as usual I do my weekend thing were I take days off from the Kampala craziness with hope of getting blessings from ancestors in Bunyoro.

It should be noted that Bunyoro is comprised of districts such as Hoima, Kibale, Kagadi, and Kyenjojo to mention but a few. As I call out this boda-boda man to take me to my final destination, I realize how life has really changed in this great Albertine Region and on the second thought in my broken Runyoro I tell him “Kwaha mbaire nikuramukya” meaning “it’s cool I was just saying hello” in the quest to discover how life has really changed in this area of the Great

A trip inside my confused Geek brain

Inside Geek brain

Kansiime Anne actHow well do you know Anne Kansiime?

Anne Kansiime is a Ugandan icon. Whether it’s reinventing the wave of comedy in Uganda or being the first female Ugandan comedian to go international on top of the several accolades she has bagged for herself. The Ugandan YouTube icon has definitely struggled to reach this far.

We here at Techjaja (read: me and maybe a handful of my colleagues) are big fans of Anne’ and appreciate her work. But how much do you, dear reader, know about her accomplishments or personal so far? Well, in the spirit of Geek Week 2015, I invite you to take this short quiz.

Why Ugandan websites are vulnerable to hacks

Why Ugandan websites are vulnerable to hacks

Web development is not a new thing in Uganda as many Undergrads have taken it up as passion as it does not come with many difficulties in mastering compared to other development technologies which require an extra effort. In fact it should be noted that today you will not proclaim yourself a developer if you cannot put up a basic HTML page

on the internet as you will not have fulfilled the “bro code” among the guys.

If you are web developer based in Uganda developing web 2.0 apps the feeling you should be having as you read this article is directly compared to a kid who refused to wash utensils and he has just got the news that the parents are back from work.


Intex Aqua Star 5.0_1How to bargain for a smartphone in Kampala

The streets of Kampala are flooded with smartphone shops and dealers. Whether you are looking for a new smartphone or you want to replace your existing one, you can never run out of options. Not forgetting online classified app and website OLX where you can buy a new or used smartphone or our dear old carriers that offer them bundled up with voice and data offerings. For those wanting to know what to consider before buying a smartphone in Kampala, we’ve already got you covered.


Jajatoons Geek Week Edition: Telecom Price Wars

Telecom price wars _geekweek edition detailed

Ugandan women on twitterTop 10 Ugandan females you must follow on Twitter

This Techjaja Geekweek Wednesday, we want to come out and celebrate ladies on twitter who keep us crushing on them. We celebrate their ability to drive different discussions   in just 14o characters. They are in no particular order, but in one way or the other are the best at what they do.



Music that techjaja geeksThe Music geeks at Techjaja listen to

The soothing ballads, loud kidandali, cracking Kadongo Kamu and  plethora of genres have made a killing within the editorial ranks of Techjaja.  The artistry in music is one they can’t ignore, whether they’re debugging code or penning articles and as so, this intriguing piece was given birth to, solely to give you a sneak peak into their musical lives..


Which-iphone-is-this-_all-imore-dreamTake this Quiz: Guess which iPhone this is

Now here is a tricky part in this short quiz– Can you differentiate between Apple’s phones on the spot? This can be tough especially with the “s” versions of the iPhones, as they always have a close resemblance to their counterparts from which they get their names. Distinguishing between an iPhone 3G and iPhone 6 will quite more than often be a piece of cake for most, it’s more like a game of spot the difference so in today’s quiz we ask the ultimate question,


Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge Plus Review: Living larger on the Edge

s6 Edge plus_edge UX

empire 1Ugandans; Why complain about the “bad” morals in series and movies? It’s solemnly your fault!

You will immerse yourself in wonder and amazement at the tremendous rate at which Ugandans are getting updated info on whatever the cinema world has got to offer. Getting the latest movies and episodes to the much-anticipated series making rounds across the globe is something that is as easy as preparing an omelet.  Should that be alarming or should it be a point of jubilation that we are growing with the other states at large or we are simply in an illusion state?


5G in UgandaFuture Connectivity: Who will launch the first 5G network in Uganda?

This is like living in the wireless future of insane fast internet speeds. Imagine getting to download a 4k movie within a blink of an eye. We already have some telecoms offering high-speed 4G-LTE networks while some are still struggling to get there. But, with the brisk innovation in technology, brace yourself for 5G. We don’t expect to have the first 5G network in Uganda until after 2021 (rough estimate) but there is no harm to think ahead. So, before I get ahead of myself let me first start with explaining what 5G networks are.

How Rotary Uganda has changed the lives of peopleRotary Uganda

A little is known about this Organization especially among people and to those who have heard about it have this perception that it’s for the rich and well off as one of my colleague noted “Ebyo byabagaga” meaning that’s for the rich. Rotary Uganda welcomes everyone no matter which cast, tribe, cultural background you come from but however it has been divided


Love at odds with technology. It’s either me or your gadgets!

Love at odds with technology

When you cross your geek loverGeek lover

2Face Idibia once, innocently, sung that ‘If love is a crime i’m willing to be hunted’. And, we were all stirred by this positive paradox and wanted to be ‘victims’. Little did we know that wishes do get granted and we didn’t specify how we wanted them granted?

Often times we get carried away by situations until reality slaps us hard in the face. Take a look at ‘revenge porn’ which was ushered on the Ugandan social scene by the shocking Luzinda sextape that left

geek glassesYou don’t have to wear glasses to be a nerdy geek!

A wise man once said, “If you cannot beat them, join them” This is what the jajas at Techjaja have been racking their brains about the past couple of months. Do you really have to wear spects to be a geek? Is it a fancy fading fashion fad? Is it a secular systemic stylistic selection? Or is it a dependable defect-deterring demographic?

Let’s take a look at the varying opinions

Podcast Geek Week Edition