Beats Music to Launch today

Music Steaming services are not a common phenomenon in Africa, but somehow we are excited about beats music. What was just a rap artist’s (Dr Dre) idea from great headphones has now turned into a full Music streaming service called Beats Music  just like xbox music, Spotify or  iTunes. Today the service launches and we are sure you will be able to download the app on the Android and iOS apps on the respective Play stores/ app stores due to regional issues.

From the screenshots we have seen so far, Beats Music wants to supply the music for every mood with content curated by tastemakers . There will be a no ad-supported free model and the tricky bit, at least for most app users here is the fact that, you’ll have to pay $9.99 / month for its subscription service. (Not free).

Beats Music on iOS, Image credit: The Verge

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We shall give you more once we get to try it out, as it will be available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and web. Just like any company, beats hopes to build a solid user base of paying subscribers and we expect a strong brand presence thanks to its iconic headphones. But at $9.99 per month plus the hefty data prices here we don’t envision many adopters here.