Atlantic Wireless (LiberCell) a Liberian Wireless Carrier Owes Govt over $ 1 Million


Records from the Tax Court at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia have confirmed that the Atlantic Wireless (LiberCell) outstanding balance deferred payment to the Government of Liberia, stands at US$1,102,444.08 in tax arrears.

But LiberCell has filed an application for special relief from a Writ of Execution and notice of sale of its assets. Counsels for LiberCell pray the court to grant it two years to pay the balance of US$1,102,444.08.

The company’s lawyers told the court that upon becoming aware of the closure of the operations of LiberCell and the seizure of their assets, applicant has engaged the services of Sherman &Sherman, a law firm doing business in Liberia.

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The defense lawyers assured the court that during their appearance on Monday, June 10, 2013 they will file the appropriate papers and make legal representations of their client in respect of the Writ of
Execution and notice of sale.

Counsels for the defendant further notified the court that they would take whatever additional action necessary to amicably resolve the matter. The applicant informed the court that it has a Special Power of
Attorney and has met shareholders of LiberCell in Dubai for the purpose of addressing the issue of the Writ of Execution and notice of sale of the company’s assets.

The records revealed that instead, the minority shareholders meeting with the applicant to explore ways of infusing additional capital into the operations of the defendant, have filed an action of damages for
breach of contact with the Sixth Judicial Circuit Civil Law Court for Montserrado County.

It can be recalled in 2011, the Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Justice instituted an action against the Management of LiberCell in the amount of over US$2M for its failure to pay license fees.