At $25 a year you can store your entire DNA with Google


The merging of technology and science is in full force, as the Google’s been working for over a year and a half ago on a new service that will digitally preserve entire copies of one’s DNA genome. Of course don’t expect to simply upload to Google drive as according to Technology Review,-decoding DNA involves a lot of data and in this case, only one person’s genomes can take up to 100 gigabytes.

The end goal of the project is to have all this personal genetic inform online, and enable scientists carry out virtual experiments and collaborate with each other remotely.  So what does this all mean,  supposing sometime in the future I were to get a fatal disease like cancer, doctors now are going to sequence my genome and my tumor’s genome, and then query them against a database of several millions other genomes and result is to customize for you the drug that will treat you.

  • JON @segujer

    Need my dad disown me
    i tell the folly to login to the Google drive and we match the DNA how cool