ASPIRE Android Job App launched in Uganda

ASPIRE Android Job App

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[/blockquote]In a bid to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers, the ASPIRE Android Job App was launched today in Uganda. Users of the app will be able to search for jobs apply online using their smart phones thereby bringing information about existing job opportunities closer to the job seeker. The launch of this App is in line with various public service reforms most especially reduction of unemployment levels in Uganda. Speaking at the launch, the director of communication and infrastructure Dr.Godfrey Kibuuka said that;

“Individuals are not only unemployed because of limited job opportunities but lack of the right information about existing opportunities. In a world where smart phones have become part and parcel of us, it is not surprising that a group of innovative youth have leveraged on this to create brilliant business Ideas that not only benefit them but also their fellow youth and the public at large.”


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ASPIRE Android Job AppASPIRE Android Job App

According to statistics, every year a total of 400,000 youth are released into the job market after graduating, the national unemployment rate is at 3.2% and for the youth it’s at 22.3 %. The ministry of ICT, has come in to help reduce the unemployment rate through ICT solutions like these.  “We believe that ASPIRE is one of the innovative ways that will readily avail information to all job seekers which in the long run will enhance employment.” Dr kibuuka added.

All one has to do is download the App to their phone, set aside some internet data on a daily basis to check which companies that seek candidates to fill their vacancies. Not only is this convenient for the job seekers but also employers. The APP enables companies/ organizations/ institutions upload available vacancies within the shortest time possible. This App is going to save employers a lot of time and revenue when it comes to hiring staff.

The App was coded and designed by Rafah Communications, a Ugandan based IT firm.

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