Arsenal and Tottenham FC ban the use of selfie sticks inside their stadiums

selfie stick banned in FCs

Selfies were a trend in 2014, and they will continue be this year, but with selfies came selfie sticks, a better way to take selfies. These visible metallic rods are now the “in-thing”, and some Premier League football clubs have begun banning their use inside stadiums. According to The Mirror Arsenal and Tottenham have now banned selfie sticks from the Emirates and White Hart Lane.

Selfie sticks aren’t obviously that dangerous, but someone could lose an eye if fans aren’t careful. The ban on this sticks has been done in the name of public safety for fear that they could be used unsuitably on during the games.

An Arsenal spokesperson told the New Journal:

“We can confirm that ‘selfie sticks’ are banned on matchdays at Emirates Stadium. The club’s ground regulations prohibit any object that could be used as a weapon or could compromise public safety.”

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Some fans have lodged complaints to Tottenham FC, which sparked off the club to place the ban on the sticks.

Source: The Mirror