Army’s Website Attacked by Hackers

If hackers can access a  full army’s network then no one is safe in this growing  technological world. In Nigeria, a group of local online hackers, known as the Nigerian Cyber Army, early this week infiltrated the official recruitment portal of the country’s Army. All could see on the website was a message warning the army about the group’s return and plans to attack more government websites which means that they are just getting started.

Yes, your website got stamped

In a rather creepy move, the message on the website read: “Yes, your website got stamped by Nigerian lets (sic).” It now appears that the army however appears to have taken full control of the website as the message posted on the website by the hackers has since been erased.

The portal currently experiences high traffic as thousands of citizens visit the site daily to apply online to join the army. It is not unknown how the hackers were able to gain access to the army website or whether they were able to access any vital documents from the website. Although no link has been established between the hackers and conventional local terrorist organizations, the group appears to be targeting only government agencies.

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The big question to ask is what other government agency will be their next target?