Are you neither ‘Male’ or ‘Female’? Facebook will soon allow you to share your true Gender

This takes us back to the same argument, whether would you like to know your friend’s real sex? Of course, by default everyone is either male of female, but as the world ages, several other sexes have cropped up and Facebook as of this week opted to recognize them when they announced that users now have the ability to select a custom gender for their Timeline profile pages.

This breaks away for the usual  Male or Female, options we have been accustomed to as Facebook now offers “Other,” a new setting that lets users choose between ten gender options such as “transgender,” “cisgender,”  and “intersex,” (yes, you can Google them in case you were living in your conservative cocoon) and you will also be able to define which pronoun they’d like to be referred to as — he / his, she / her, or they / their.  The company will allow you to define exactly who can see the Gender section on your profile. As Facebook tries to embrace diversity, it says that it worked closely with LGBT activist groups to choose the new profile options. All we know is that such a feature will not be welcome with open arms at least here in Africa, the social network hasn’t provided a timeline on when the new option will roll out to the rest of its users outside the US, but currently rolling it out in the US.


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Facebook has hung rainbow-colored flags (pictured) at its headquarters and the company wrote on its Diversity page:

We recognize that some people face challenges sharing their true gender identity with others, and this setting gives people the ability to express themselves in an authentic way.

The comments after that post are just mind bubbling. You can hit the source link above for more. Are you ready to accept that your immediate friend was neither male or female after all?