Are telecom companies abusing user’s rights?

 At the end of last week, in an event organized by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala, the state minister for Information Communication Technology Nyombi Thembo, took the lead role in airing his frustration with telecom operators at a recent dialogue. He said

As a consumer of your services, I must say some times I face frustrations

The minister however chose to go the diplomatic route when everybody in the expected that he would be more blunt.

Stolen Identity

According to The Independent , there were other people who took this platform to air their grievances, the  general secretary of the Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) James Tweheyo narrates is ordeal about his telecom service provider, which he did not name. He said that, On Feb.6, after touching down at Entebbe Airport, he attempted to make a call using the line he has owned for the last four years and to his surprise the number was inactive.

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He had only sent 20 days inquiring, and he was told the number does not belong to him, but to a one, Isaac Musasizi. Afraid of losing his contacts and being cut off from the 169,000 teachers he represents in the union, he immediately filed a written complaint seeking indemnification.

In the letter, Tweheyo demanded to know when and why his number was reassigned to  Musasizi. He also demands to know why he was allowed and enabled to use the same number for three years until Jan.3. The letter partly read

“May I also know the fate of the data and information that was stored on this card and what you intend to use it for and whether I will have access to it or not,”

The operator in question acknowledged receipt of the complaint on Feb.7 but as of March 15, Tweheyo’s issue had not been settled.

A petition raised

There were several issues and bad experiences raised at the forum. Sam Watasa, the executive director of the Uganda Consumers’ Protection Association (UCPA) on behalf of five consumer rights organizations, presented a petition to UCC and the ICT ministry. He said that although service providers and UCC have observed and promoted consumer rights by tracking and releasing Quality of Service Reports, there seems to be a significant neglect of consumers by telecom service providers. The petition further stresses, that there is urgent need to end the abuse of their rights.

Are you having any horrible experiences with your telecom provider, you can please leave us a comment below.


  • Lukoda James

    airtel guys cant let my credit stay for 4hrs even when there is nothing
    to update o subscription, I don’t use a smart phone… hek!!!!wil run
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