Apple’s latest so called ‘cheaper’ 8GB iPhone 5c is another fail

The first time the rumors of the iPhone 5c spread last year, it was highly anticipated that it would be the low cost alternative to the company’s flagship iPhone 5s. At launch Apple side-stepped us and announced a different kind of iPhone, basically a plastic version of the iPhone 4s and gave it a rather hefty price (UGX 2.1m). Today Apple has added a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C for the Asian and European market, of course expect to see this phone in Kampala soon as well. So why did Apple release a newer ‘low cost’ iPhone? Does it signify that we were right after all? Did Apple miss a whole big market segment with a wrong device pricing strategy? Since the current iPhone 5c has not been selling like hot cakes, it was obvious to Apple that people actually needed a cheaper and newer iPhone.

At  UGX 1.8m I can buy myself new Galaxy s4

The new model which first appeared on UK carrier O2’s site, and later also hit other international Apple Stores including the UK, Australia, and China. Now here comes the intersting part, even if its dubbed as a cheaper iPhone, we still don’t think its cheap enough to hit the emerging market price sweet spot. In the UK, this thing costs £429, (UGX 1.8 million minus URA taxes). At that price you can buy a new HTC One or Galaxy s4.

Truth be told, iPhones will never go as low as we expect them to be. Don’t get me wrong of course there are people here who can afford them, but this is Apple we are talking about even if price is cut, they go premium all the way.

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So what do we get in this new iPhone 5c? Apart from the reduced amount of storage, the latest iPhone 5C doesn’t divert that much from that one that was launched back in September in terms of hardware. It has an 8-megapixel camera, 4-inch Retina display, Apple’s A6 processor.

This new version of the iPhone 5C may serve as the best manifest yet that Apple’s mid-level smartphone is not all that and am sure the guys at Apple are greatly disappointment with the iPhone 5C. During Apple’s quarterly earnings call in January, CEO Tim Cook admitted that

 “The mix was stronger to the 5S, and it took us some amount of time to build the mix that customers were demanding,If we think it’s in our best interest to make a change, then we’ll make one”

Simply put Apple messed up with the iPhone 5c, and I don’t this new one will make that much of a difference.Would you buy this iPhone new ‘cheaper’ 5c? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

  • Farooq Kabs

    Apple is drowning, It’s not getting new market structures and It’s foundation is growing weaker by day. It needs a new strategy, cut prices and curb back It’s run-away customers. Or else, Samsung and HTC are going to be the leaders in distribution, that’s if they aren’t already

    • rogekk

      I think among the guys u mentioned Samsung is the only one to take on Apple. ..HTC still has its financial issues that I strongly believe won’t go away this year

  • Marvin

    Apple’s reluctancy to consider markets in their production and operations will cost them in long run….American and Europe markets is what they consider and of late China, other than that people that buy their products are one in ten in other markets…..they just have to learn the way Samsung does it

    • rogekk

      at last someone i really agree with totally, You are right the reason Samsung is big now is because they diversify making galaxy phones for all markets. I believe one day Apple will do the same.