Apple to reportedly venture into cars and medical devices

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According to the San Francisco Chronicle,  Apple is looking to cast its nest further and venture  into new product categories, but just what those categories may be is currently a unknown. Apparently the paper claims that Apple is looking to go into both medical devices and cars.

We don’t have much details based on the report but the Chronicle claims that Apple is particularly interested in medicine, and is working with audio engineer Tomlinson Holman to develop a device that could prefigure¬†heart attacks before they happen by just listening to the sound of your blood. Holman is known for developing several notable audio technologies, including Lucasfilm’s THX system and the first 10.2 sound system.

On the vehicle font, the report is also less clear as the Chronicle claims that Apple’s corporate dealmaker Adrian Perica met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in Cupertino last spring. Telsa Motors are the makers of America’s latest ‘in’ hybrid cars. You can hit the source link for more details.