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Apple Music subscribers in Uganda, currently pay UGX 18,000 ($4.99) every month and UGX 29,000 ($7.99) for a family plan per month. But Apple has quietly added another option that lets you pay can now pay about UGX 170,000 ($49) for a 12-month subscription.

This setting is quite buried as Apple doesn’t want you to know that you can pay less than what you’re actually paying. We tried different scenarios, and it was quite hard to find the new annual plan — but it’s real. Apple clearly wants to remain ahead of the competition like Spotify who don’t have annual subscription plans and have no presence in most of the countries including Uganda.

If you’re not a current Apple Music subscriber, the Music app only lets you subscribe to a normal monthly plan. But if you’re an existing subscriber, you can go to your membership settings and switch to an annual plan. So new users will have to buy a monthly subscription first and then switch. With the annual subscription, it means you can save over UGX 40,000 ($10.88).

New Apple Music annual subscription
New Apple Music annual subscription
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So if you think you’re going to keep using Apple Music for the foreseeable future, you can switch in a couple of taps and save around 17.5 percent.

It should be noted that Apple Music subscription rates are change geographically as the app users in US will have to part with $99 for the same 12-month subscription.