Apple Music now rolling out with iOS 8.4

Apple Music

Just as we expected, Apple has now made iOS 8.4 available to everyone for download and with it comes Apple Music the most long-awaited feature. . The company’s new music streaming service is included in this release. So today also marks the official debut of Apple Music.

Wrapped inside the latest iOS update you will find the new music service inside the redesigned app for iOS. Along with this, the latest software release also contains some unnamed improvements to iBooks and bug fixes throughout the OS.

You can use the new Apple Music service in up to 100 countries across the globe. As Apple announced at WWDC 2015, users will have a three-month long free trial, after which you have to pay $9.99 per month. A $14.99 per month family plan is also available, and this works for up to 6 persons.

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Apple Music_1

Apple Music comes with several components to it. First off, you can stream any song you want from Apple’s immense collection. For those who fancy Radio, there’s also Beats 1, a live radio station that will be broadcast 24/7 exclusively on Apple Music/ Apple claims that the tracks are chosen by real people, not algorithms giving it a human touch. The same human touch is used in the “For You” section which has recommendations of playlists and albums to listen to. Apple’s service lets artists directly connect with their fans if they want to, so get downloading and updating your iPhone to experience the new Apple Music.