Apple Music is coming to Facebook Messenger as an extension

Apple Music in Messenger
Apple Music coming soon in Messenger

Apple Music will soon be backed into your Facebook Messenger chat app. This integration will allow people to browse Apple Music from inside of Messenger, find a song, and send it into their chat.

This was announced yesterday at the Facebook’s F8 conference, David Marcus, head of Messenger, said, “I’m really excited to share with you that Apple Music will soon be on the platform as well.” And while it’s not available yet details of this partnership are still sketchy and Apple Music only got a “coming soon” label, so there isn’t even a firm ETA on when it’ll be available.

The choice to pick Apple as a partner to integrate its Music is pretty awesome, as Apple Music is one of the few Music streaming apps used worldwide even here in Africa unlike Spotify where you need to do have some “trickery” to listen to it on your mobile.  It should be noted that Spotify has been working in Messenger for over a year now, you had to go out to Spotify to both find and listen to a song making the experience horrible.

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From what it seems like, everyone will then be able to play the song back in Apple Music without leaving Messenger, which is a huge plus over how Facebook’s older integrations work, kicking users out to separate apps. Of course, you’ll almost certainly still need a subscription to hear a full song.