Apple Music for Android gets voice command support and user profiles

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After its recent redesign, Apple is updating its Apple Music app for Android with new features that are also debuting on iOS 11 today. The App will get support for Social profiles which are perhaps the biggest addition across Android, iOS, and desktop. With social profiles you can make an Apple Music user profile and have it publicly show friends what you’re listening to — just like Spotify.

But Apple is also continuing to put in some extra work to optimize Apple Music for the Android platform. This latest version also adds support for “OK Google” voice commands. So you can ask your Android smartphone to play a song, artist, or Beats 1 radio, and it will automatically open Apple Music and start streaming. A simple quick test of “OK Google, play Beats 1 in Apple Music” was successful for me.

There’s now a “Recently Played” widget that joins the previous one for playback controls. And Apple is still experimenting with shortcuts, having added a long-press shortcut for Beats 1 as the last new bit of this update.