Apple invites regular users to test out the upcoming iOS 8.3


To break away from its usual tradition, and for first time ever, Apple is inviting regular users to test out an upcoming iOS 8.3 update. Apple has launched a new page where all iPhone owners can sign up give the latest iOS 8.3 a spin before it’s official unveiling. released to all consumers later this year.

According to 9to5Mac Apple’s plans to open up its mobile operating system for wider testing beyond the app developers who typically receive advance access to iOS updates. It’s worth nothing that we’ve so far been unable to access the iOS signup page, so it’s unclear if Apple is limiting the beta to randomly selected users; the OS X program was first-come, first-served. Plenty of mentions of iOS are visible in the FAQ section, though. The link to sign up is here. If all you see is information on the OS X Yosemite program, you may be out of luck. We’ve pinged Apple for comment regarding just how it’s handling the iOS beta.

That’s not all, when you are done enrolling an iPhone, you’ll need to install a package file that clears your device for beta software. Then you be in position to install iOS 8.3, which features new emoji, wireless CarPlay, easier logins for Google users, and bug fixes.

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Source: Apple