Apple invites confrim new iPhones for September 10th

Apple has confirmed it will hold an event on September 10th as rumored beginning of last month, and has officially sent out invites to bloggers and press, with the iPhone 5S and iphone 5c expected to take the spotlight there is also a release of the final consumer version of iOS 7. We not only expect the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, but an iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 could also be launched as well.

That hardware refresh would go hand-in-hand with the expected release of iOS 7, Apple’s big refresh to the software that runs on its phones and tablets. We saw this new UI back at WWDC 2013 earlier this year, the new platform has proved not that popular in early feedback, as some have called it a little “cartoony” for a modern UI.

Other rumors speculate that Apple might show the long awaited “iWatch” wearable, but other sources say that Apple is tipped to be for a watch release sometime in 2014.

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As for new iPads, a refresh to the full-sized and “mini” versions has been rumored to take place before the year is out, though whether Apple will make its new iPhone share the stage with the slates remains to be seen.

We expect an update to the iPad mini to go a Retina display, of course, following Apple’s track over the past few generations of products to add higher resolution screens for clearer text and more telling graphics.

Techjaja will follow the September 10th event closely and keep you updated.