Apple could be working on bigger, curved-glass iPhones

According to a report from Bloomberg this morning arrogates that Apple is coming up with a pair of larger screened iPhones at 4.7 and 5.5 inches. We have heard all such rumors before in our rumor mill but thats not all— what the report add is that these devices will have glass that curves at the edge, like in the mocker we see above. The company is said to also be experimenting with touchscreens that can detect different levels of pressure, just like what the Galaxy Note s-pen does with the Wacoom technology Bloomberg’s source believe that the technology will debut in the third quarter of next year.

Samsung and LG have already shown us their idea of what a Curved display should be with the  Galaxy Round and LG’s G Flex respectively, but both devices are seen as somewhat not ready for commercial market. Even if some of our editors believe wont get sucked into the curved screen smartphone revolution, Apple my end up convincing him otherwise.