Apparently Facebook is to remove messaging from its mobile web app and why you should care


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In retrospect, Facebook unbundled messaging from its main clogged Facebook app, something that didn’t go well for a few heads but finally most users nodded in approval and somewhat tagged along, they installed the separate Messenger app.

Overtime Messenger has transformed from being the quickest way of chatting with our Facebook friends to trying to reinvent itself  as a standalone Messaging app, much like Whatsapp or Telegram by doing away with Facebook, as a requirement to use it but we all know it hasn’t escaped from its mother roots however much  non-facebook account holders can still use the  app.

As for I writing this, the primary purpose as to why I use Messenger is to chat with a multitude of Facebook friends some of whom I virtually know. It represents the main reason as to why you should use Messenger anyway, but it goes beyond that considering of what has become of Messenger lately, and more is yet to come.

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Messaging apps are no longer about just texting friends! They have evolved overtime and WeChat serves a good example in this regard (At least for a few countries where it exhibits its full potential)As we continue to register progress, mobile transactions have found us along the way, the same can be said of hailing taxis inside app, bots, getting recommendations and so on and so forth. Messenger is taking this path as well.

How has the industry responded to such an uptake especially folks in the boardrooms? How better can we monetize such platforms and get the best out of them while still retaining our user base, registering new signups is what seems to take a large chunk of their time. So Facebook’s attempt of finally hitting the nail in the coffin supposedly seems to justify my claims.

Messaging in the official mobile web app was all about plain texts while moving over to the official Messenger app makes this whole experience juicier.Yum! It’s blatantly a different experience altogether with chatbots, custom emojis and other features I barely notice.

So to you the average user whose only escape from the large data hogging Facebook app and its Messenger sibling was the mobile web app, what choice are you left with? Probably migrate to the malnourished and feature ridden Facebook Lite.This still has the messaging feature embedded in it but its availability is limited to a few countries though you can sideload it,for those on Android. And we should all agree that Android represents a majority of the Ugandan market compared to alternatives like iOS or maybe Windows Mobile.

Speaking of Android, not every Android device out in the wild supports Messenger owing to its fragmentation. You might have to upgrade to a newer device with a newer Android version lest you lose out. I don’t believe most users would be agreement with such a sentiment but hurry while it lasts. Download the app to enjoy a feature rich experience like Facebook puts it.