Apparently dogs first have to align with the Earth’s magnetic field before easing themselves

Alert pet owners, if your dog always has to sniff every inch of the compound looking for that great spot to drop a deuce. According to designntrends, Scientists have recently published a report that will give you a reason as to why dogs are so picky about their positioning when doing the deed in the yard or compound.

The researchers claim that, dogs align themselves with the Earth’s north-south axis when going to the bathroom. The scientists say that the smallest changes in the magnetic field can influence their position. So if you were wondering why dogs suddenly have to search again just when you think they are ready to go, I guess this explains it.

The two year study was done on over 70 dogs by German and Czech researchers where they watched them while they did their business. The details of the business included 1,893 defecations and 5,582 urinations. Yes, that’s right, so if you think you had a crappy job, think again.

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They also found that during solar flares the dogs would become confused. This is the first study to prove dogs are sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field. Just take a compass and prove it yourself assuming you have a dog anyway.