Another Apple – Samsung story

Most of you must be tired of hearing what the hell Apple & Samsung are up to, from court battles to winning the consumer’s wallets with their lovely gadgets and the list is endless. And for God’s sake I have to remind you that I am not the hired gun at techjaja to bring you the Apple Vs Samsung stories.  It happens as a reviewer that I always get my hands on Gizmos from these two renowned nemeses. So expect a lot of Apple/ Samsung stories from this author. It’s like Cupertino is always in the red corner of the ring facing its arch rival Samsung in the blue corner not forgetting Android as its alleged that the race against Android’s behemoth is a direct punch towards Google.

Once upon a time

Apple live

First things first. Apple gave us something different with how a smartphone should actually be in the then clustered world of these smart gadgets. That was the original iPhone that took the world by storm since inception to the more anticipated iPhone 6 coming out in a few months’ time. The suits that have followed allege that Samsung copied the technological prowess of Apple to come up with its Galaxy range of Smartphones with the S line in particular to have its now biggest share of the smartphone world. And I think the world is glad that these two decided to come to dialogue and dropped some of these law suits outside the US according to Bloomberg. For now as of this reporting the battlefield remains the US.

People love large screens

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I understand most of you have come across this line “why do people hold Galaxies or other Android variants” and the best answer is always related to the screen size. Why an S5? I love it’s large screen is one of the first replies you get together with its ease to let one type without misspelling words, awesome while watching videos and playing games also escort that underlined answer.  With Apple set to launch a 4.7 or 5.5 inch iPhone, is Samsung’s game here to stay? I don’t have the answer right now but it always comes down to numbers that the truth is revealed. The numbers shipped will solve us this parody and Samsung is expected to launch its next iteration of the Note line the Note 4 also a large screen phone. Hope the numbers count will add up and we see who the true winner is.

smartphone era
Huge Screen Galaxy s5

So iPhones are status Icons

The only reason why I ever held an iPhone besides it being a great phone with pure build was for status. Sorry for blowing the whistle but it wasn’t just an everyday accessory I carried around, it made a statement too! What I’m actually trying to insinuate or actually bring out is that an iPhone is a luxury item and this explains why it goes down for not just mere dollars but real dollars and converting them to shillings explains why they are not a common sight with in many Ugandan smartphone users who are known to be price cautious. On the other side, the Galaxy S line isn’t for the low lives too it’s for those who fall in the upper echelon of society. Ones you would otherwise call money bags. It goes for a six figure sum in Ugandan shillings. We should thank Samsung that it caters for every class by bringing trimmed down versions for the rest of the pack to join the smartphone band wagon with sliced prices. This further explains why Android wins in many parts of the world since low-cost smartphones are usually powered by Android.

Apples first attempt to sail on Phablet waters

The Galaxy Note 4 will launch on September 3rd and the next iPhone is set to launch at a later date on September 6th.

iphone 6_2
iPhone 6 Mock up

It will be Apples first attempt to sail on Phablet waters after successful attempts by its contenders that have large sized flagship phones especially Android OEMs. Does this mean Apple is going to rebound to being the biggest smartphone vendor in the whole world? Does it mean that Apple is going to win back users who switched to Android because it caters for large sized screens? Or does it mean this will alienate its loyalists stuck to its smaller 4 inch sized phones? All these questions will be answered with analyst’s numbers that usually differentiate success stories from misfortunes.