Android/Chrome boss now has more Google powers

All the best of Google I/O 2014
New Google CEO
All the best of Google I/O 2014
Android and Chrome boss Sundar Pichai

Today the search engine giant, Google is apparently experiencing a pretty big shakeup. The company CEO Larry Page, has reportedly anointed Android/Chrome boss Sundar Pichai with more Google powers. He will now also lead all core Google products. This adds more to Sundar’s already hefty work load.

The move will see Google’s research, search, maps, Google+, and commerce arms come under Pichai’s control. This is in addition to his current oversight of Chrome, Android, and Google Apps.

Pichai is really going places, as he has made a name for himself in recent years as he has quickly sped up among Google’s ranks and has step by step taken charge of more and more projects.

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Source: Re/code