Android Wear smartwatch hacked to work on an iPhone

How the Moto 360 Fits on the hand
How the Moto 360 Fits on the hand

Own an iPhone and you feel the iWatch has taken too long to hit the shelves? Your prayers will soon be answered as popular Android developer has hacked his way round making the Moto 360 work with an iPhone. Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, released a brief video yesterday showing his iPhone 6 pass along a notification to his Moto 360 smartwatch. This might not come as a surprise as Google has in the passed hinted on bringing iOS support on Android Wear.

The developer used a similar method that the Pebble smartwatch uses to send notifications to an iPhone. He used the Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS), a feature built into iOS 7 and later, that connects via Bluetooth to pass along iPhone notifications to devices like smartwatches. Using the installed on the Moto 360, MohammadAG was able to get Android Wear to pick up those notifications. You can see the video demo below.

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Source: MohammadAG (Twitter)