Android Wear comes of Age

Android Wear come of age

Its now official Google is into wearables, according to the company, people check their Android phones an average of 125 times every day. So Android Wear is supposed to cut that number down, get what you care about on the screen. In order to use Wear, You swipe up and down to navigate between notifications, then swipe horizontally  to get to details and actions. And you can swipe to dismiss, too. You press and hold to choose which watch face you want to use.

All the news that you might have missed at day one of Google I/O 2014


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“Ok Google, remind me to check my mailbox when I get home.” And the watch told the phone to make that reminder, and then the phone made the reminder, which will be geo-activated. That was the demo we got during the keynote. When you dismiss a notification on the watch, is disappears from the phone. When an incoming call comes in, it shows these bouncy-half circles on the left and right of the screen, so you know what the swipe actions do. A swipe-down on the watch gives you a do-not-disturb mode.

All the news that you might have missed at day one of Google I/O 2014


Android Wear_4Android Wearables can control other devices. Saying “Play some music,” starts music on the phone. But the controls stay on the watch, and the album art displays too. This is basically a phone remote that does a few extra things, and that’s pretty great. There’s a step counter for today and a step-count history for the week. Some devices will have a heart-rate monitor.

It automatically syncs notifications to Android, including rich notifications. Devs can make apps with voice replies and notification pages. It lets you write code that runs directly on the watch. It uses a lot of the same APIs that are on full Android. Full Android Wear SDK is coming.

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When you install an Android app on your phone, it automatically installs and updates its watch counterpart no need to install twice. The LG G watch and Samsung Gear live are available to order later today the Moto 360 available later this year.

All the news that you might have missed at day one of Google I/O 2014


All Images courtesy of The Verge