Android still fighting fragmentation as Jellybean leads the pack

Software Fragmentation has been the Android ghost that Google has had to fight since the birth of the mobile Operating System. According to Android Developers Google has released its first Android device share data for 2014 and here is our take.

The fragmentation bug still infects the Android nervous system, as more users are flocking to the latest OS version KitKat and Jelly Bean still takes up the biggest share 54.5 percent jumping from 54.5 percent in December to 59.1 percent this month. The biggest devices to contribute to this is of course the range of galaxy devices. With the stats we see above, it’s clear that the Android Platform is years away from having the same version for all devices from the time its released by Google. This is attributed to theĀ  facts we know, like having different OEMs with different hardware implementations, varying screen sizes, Android Skins and the list goes on and on, all in the name of “an Open OS platform”.