Android 4.3 leaks intensify. But are the updates worth it?


It’s now starting to feel as if Google just updates its OS for the sake of it or to add in existing features that Samsung or HTC have already implemented in their skinned versions. Google is set to divulge the next version of Android at a press event next week, but we have already gotten a sneak peak of the update that the new version will bring courtesy of a leaked copy obtained from a secondhand Nexus 4 sold
by a Google employee.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, as the name suggests, will be a minor update to the user experience introduced in 4.2. One of the most welcome changes comes to the dialer. With the update, the phone will automatically suggest phone numbers from your contacts as you dial either by matching the digits or using the T9 dial pad to look up names. But seriously Google this a feature that existed in Windows Mobile times, anyway it’s better late than never. You can see the detailed video courtesy of Android Central below.

Other features include:

  • New camera app as seen on the Samsung and HTC One Google Play edition phones
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as  you’ll use less battery when connecting to compatible wearable devices
  • New advanced visual effects in games and apps thanks to OpenGL for Embedded Systems 3.0
  • We hope for some other surprise behind the scene improvements
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Source:  Android Central