Almost 2 billion people use Facebook

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Facebook’s latest earnings are impressive, it recording $6.44 billion in revenue but one particular milestone stood out, the big blue social giant saw its flagship Facebook product register 1.71 billion  monthly active users.  It recorded 1.13 daily active users and a large percentage of the these billion users login into Facebook from their mobile devices. Its is just a few months away from recording 2 billion users if the same trajectory persists.

Facebook’s others social products are in a bright spot as well. Instagram recently said it has over 500 million users, a feat it managed to pull off beating Twitter with a somewhat stagnant user-ship, Messenger saw its number of users climax to 1 billion while WhatsApp also made the same strides a year earlier.

With the above social arsenal, Facebook is set to chew 68% of all world wide social-media revenues. Its social products are widely used across the globe and its recent venture into video is seen to have taken a headstart with analysts predicting it to go head to head with Google’s YouTube. Facebook Live is also picking up and is proving a serious contender to Twitter’s Periscope in the consumer live-streaming market.

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Surprisingly Facebook doesn’t monetize or serve ads in some of its products like Whatsapp and Messenger. We’re yet to see the outcome once it figures out the best way to do so.